Windy City Chicago

I live in a tropical country.  We only get two seasons – wet and dry.  So when my mom told me were going to Chicago to visit my uncle, I packed my bags with excitement.  Even if facebook was full of news saying that Chicago was already colder than Mars, I didn’t fret.  I looked forward to it, nevertheless.

The snowy neighborhood of Naperville

So first stop. Breakfast.  We tried this Jollibee joint. Its very popular with Filipinos. It was weird that they placed info on every meal’s calorie content.  HAHA. We didn’t have that kind of info back home.

Jollibee in the snow. Now that is something new.

Then we went swimming.  At first, I thought -swimming in the middle of winter. CRAZY. And then I understood – indoor waterparks. How about that. This place was awesome. I hit the slides more than once. The kids loved it too. Although their slides are not for the faint of heart, I’d definitely recommend going on them.

But then the highlight of my Chicago trip was when we headed down town.  We rode the train from Naperville to down town. The scenery was really nice. Plus it was a convenient way to travel too.

The City proper was really beautiful although it’s not called windy city for nothing. The winds were like punishing whips. haha. Good thing I was dressed for the occasion.

I checked out the highest building in the area, Willis Tower, and got to go on The Ledge.  It was like walking on air.  The view was, not to mention, amazing.


The Ledge


Navy Pier was another stop of ours.  I was thrilled to know the architect was the same one who worked on my hometown, Baguio’s Burnham Park.

We hopped on the observation wheel. The sights were really fantastic.


Capped the day off with the best deep dish pizza in town in Giordano’s. They serve 2inch thick pizzas filled with cheese and joy.

It was a blissful day, indeed.

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