Washington DC

The capital of the United States of America is no other than Washington DC.  It was just a short drive from Olney, where I stayed for the holidays. The route we took was my uncle’s favorite.  He calls it the scenic route.  We passed by Georgetown University and all the way, we were alongside the Potomac River.

They say the best time to visit is during April where the Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom.  Here are some photos I took in 2011.

But its beauty during the winter did not also disappoint.  It’s amazing how the seasons kind of change the place.


DC is home to a myriad of museums, my personal favorite is the Smithsonian.


The boys prefer the Aerospace museum.  It’s like a man cave in there.


Its buildings are architectural marvels. Just walking its streets is a feast for the eyes.  Although I visited DC in the Spring of 2011, coming back is just like the first time.  There’s the Capitol, the Obelisk, the White House…wow. It’s a showcase of architectural prowess. Even if the trees lacked foliage, I still thought the place was beautiful.

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