The South of Luzon

Southern Luzon has a lot of things to brag about.  It is just as beautiful as its northern part and sometimes even more endearing.

Why, it is home to Mt. Mayon, arguably the most beautiful volcano in the world.  It is famous for its perfect cone.  One can already catch a glimpse of it from the plane.



As we explored the City, we got to know more about Mayon.  This beauty is everywhere to be seen.

From the ATV Trail


From the Airport


From the Cagsawa Ruins. Here lies the ruins of an old church that was destroyed by the eruption of the Volcano.



But the locals tipped us off that the best place to view her is from the Daraga Church.


Can’t argue with the locals, can we?

It is literally, everywhere!


Next stop: Misibis Bay.  This place is known to be really expensive. Luckily for us, we just went there for a day trip.  It was lovely place.  It doesn’t cost a thing except,of course, gas to just look around.


One of the reasons we came to this trip the famous Caramoan Beaches.  They were really difficult to reach but absolutely worth all the effort- a van to the port, a 3hour boat ride and a tricycle ride to the hotel we were staying at.  All in all, they add up to the experience of being there.  And then the island hopping began.



The islands were straight off a magazine. Talk about serenity.. we were the only people touring at that time. It was July and was supposed to be a rainy month but I guess we really got lucky.

We also visited a near by church.

We headed back to mainland to catch our flight but we still had time to fit one more activity so we went to the Quitinday Hills. Mt. Mayon could also be seen from there. Too bad, it was a bit cloudy at that time. You have to hike up to take in all these greenery.


All-in-all it was a blissful day indeed.



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