Mt Vernon

Even with out it being a historical landmark, Mt. Vernon is in itself a beauty.  It is a labyrinth of woodlands, greenery and blue skies and it is adjacent to the Potomac River.
The very heart of Mt Vernon is the life of George Washington.  His story is inspiring to say the very least, captivating even the non-American. To give up power not just once but twice in his lifetime is extraordinary. In contrast, it reminds me of dictators who desperately tried to cling on to power.  A museum to better appreciate and understand his life also stands in the area.

It is amazing how well kept his home was. The visit to Mt Vernon included guided tours of the house. To even begin to think that the first president of one of the greatest nations in the world once walked its very floors enthralled me.  It was a huge Mansion with a number of bedrooms including Washington and his wife’s.  They also showed us his office.  Too bad they didn’t allow any form of photography once inside his house.

His sprawling estate was designed to be self sustaining; complete with farm lands, a wharf, a thick forest and structures to house the slaves.


His cattle would have looked something like this
the stable


Washington’s grave also lies in the area.

All in all it was a lovely day at Mt. Vernon.


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