Meandering Mindanao

This has been the year where I constantly traveled south. Every trip of mine has brought me more south than the last one.
This trip has marked my first footsteps in Mindanao.

Day 1: Arrival at Cagayan De Oro Airport

We were fetched by our relatives in CDO. After settling down, we travelled for almost 2 hours to Bukidnon. Going there was a sight itself. You’ll be greeted by mountains and a vast pineapple plantation.

Our destination was the Dahilayan Nature Park. It reminded me a lot of Baguio City’s Camp John Hay. It’s a buzzling park of greenery and fun.

The Park offers a multitude of activities for all sorts of people especially for adrenaline junkies. I recommend you try the 840 meter zipline and the drop zone.

Day 2: Camiguin Part 1

Traveling to Camiguin from Cagayan De Oro takes about four hours.

Our first stop was Mantigue Island.  This Island is home to a number of species of corals and other marine life. I regretted not having a good underwater camera almost every moment.

The island itself is a unique destination for on it is situated a dense forestry. We wandered through its pathways and marvelled at its plant species.

After bathing in salt water, we headed to the Katibawasan Falls to wash off with fresh (not to mention freezing) water. There were vendors selling a local delicacy called Kipping. It’s deep fried dried cassava.

After our water trip, we felt it was time to explore more of Camiguin’s mainland. We headed to the church ruins.  I was stunned to know that this church was built with nothing but corals and egg whites. Wow! Where on earth did they get these ingenious ideas back then?

We then headed to the sunken cemetery. The cemetery was actually a functional one until Mt. Hibok hibok errupted in late 1940.  Today, the tombs lie underwater and only a cross is left to mark their existence.

After the rather extraordinary ordeal of visiting ruins of churches and cemeteries, we had a walk through the old volcano’s pathway.  I expected the walk to be a liesurely 15-20 minute walk, it turned out to be an hour’s walk up to the peak. We were gasping for air as we reached the summit but it turned out to be a lovely view up.  We could see the cross of the Sunken Cemetery from there.

Day 3: Camiguin Part 2

We rose early morning to catch one of the first boats to the White Island. It was a short ride to the Island. This White Island is something else. Its a sand bar made of 100% white sand that stretches far and beyond with the mountainous Camiguin Island as its backdrop. It is simply gorgeous, probably the highlight of my Camiguin trip.

Our next stop was the Clam Sanctuary. This place is dedicated to the study of clams, especially their preservation. I’ve learned that clams are already considered endangered species and their number 1 predator, wait for it, humans.

They offer guided snorkeling tours. We got to see clams of all sizes from minuscule ones to huge ones that grew up to 2 meters.

I guess that concluded our trip to Camiguin. We headed back to Cagayan de Oro where we spent the evening. Don’t miss the Missy Bonbon shop. It’s got loads of fun flavors. haha.

Day 4: Departure

Awesome place this was. But I couldn’t wait to travel home again.


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