He created Himself

I was a free-spirited, barefoot child who ran a lot and enjoyed climbing trees. My awesome childhood is largely attributed to the fact that I knew and spent a lot of time with my grand parents.

The best part of having grandparents was like having an extra set of parents, only less stressed and more giving. I felt so loved growing up. But the worst part of having grandparents is having to say good bye to them. In my perfect world, I would get to see Lolo sitting at his corner playing with a deck of cards or reading the paper.

Lolo Moreno, my maternal grandfather, is one of the strongest men I know. He played a huge part in my rearing up. He was instrumental to my schooling. In grade school, he would fetch me from school and buy me an apple so I had something to munch on while we walk to the station. We would only take a taxi when I had enough saved from my allowance. In high school, he would comment on my essays and teach me new words which fit better. We didn’t have strong Internet connections back then, so I often asked him for help in homework especially in history and social science.  In college, I took up accountancy on the prospect that I would later take up law. But I was having second thoughts because of the oversupply of lawyers. I mentioned this to him, but then he told me that “there is always room at the top.”

Lolo also answered one of my very first questions about God. I do not remember my exact question, but I asked him who created God, knowing that God created the world and us all. He answered that no one created God. In fact, God created Himself. Lolo’s answer made perfect sense to my seven year old brain. But today, his answer makes more sense to me. I came to know that God created time and space, and so He can exist beyond them. He simply is past, present and future.

Lolo had such character. He never spent money on things he had no absolute need of. Things he only partially needed had no room in his budget. He was a man of a few words but he was wise beyond his years,  even at 86. He would engage you in meaningful conversations on politics, history and society in general.

Now I will have to say my painful goodbyes to the man  I call Lolo. But to know that he is so blessed in all aspects of his life makes it an easier goodbye. He was an accomplished educator, as evidenced by his many professional awards. He was able to witness all his kids excel in their careers and personal lives. And he is loved by his grand children and friends.

The joy and honor of having called him Lolo very much outweighs the pain of having to say good bye.I could only have so much faith that the Lord will bless me like he blessed my Lolo’s life.  And perhaps if I’m lucky enough, when a grand child of mine would come up to me and ask me who created God, and I will just smile and answer “He created Himself.”


6 thoughts on “He created Himself

  1. This is a beautiful tribute; it reminds me of the special relationship I had with my Great Uncle Jack, I will always remember him surrounded by his beloved music, books and his love of travel. Your stunning photos add a wonderful meditative note to your words, another layer for us to enjoy!


  2. Reminded me of my grandpa, who left a legacy that still stands as a towering inspiration for the second generation now 🙂
    Lucky you, to have had such a grandpa figure in your life! 🙂


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